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plastics recycling

For recycling there are various possibilities and we are representing well known and well respected companies with activities worldwide.

For your questions concerning recycling we would like to speak to you in order to find a specific solution for your specific problem.

Complete package

For the complete recycling plants we are representing Sikoplast GmbH (Germany)

Recycling plants capable of processing various plastics:

  • PP (+film)
  • PE (+film)
  • PET recycling (e.g. PET bottles)
  • ABS
  • PS
  • PVC
  • Etc.

These plants may consist of:

  • Washing plants
  • Energy economical systems
  • Agglomerators
  • Extruders
  • Granulating plants / pelletizers
  • Reclaim of edge trims in film extrusion.
  • Hybrid systems (feeding back recycled melt directly into the production extruder by means of a melt pipe (e.g. edge trim but also other scrap material).


Centricut grinders

Centricut (Swiss made) grinders for plastics by means of a revolutionary technique allowing energy savings more than 50%.

This makes recycling even more attractive and cost effective.

Some advantages:

  • Energy comsumption approximately 50% in comparison with conventional techniques.
  • Four times usable sintered carbide cutters with extreme endurance.
  • Changing of cutting sections in approx. 15-25 minutes.
  • Very easy cleaning by "pressing the button" (compressed air).
  • Material/colour-changing within minutes.
Click on picture for enlargement.

(1) Feeding screw
(2) Rotor
(3) Screen
(4) Statorknives

(5) Rotorknives
(6) Exhaust (conveying blower)
(7) Screenholder


Cutting chamber
(electro-polished) Screen
Very easy access


Centricut type: CC33

Centricut type: CC33